Highest Paid Photographers of All Time: When Talent and Skill Speak

Highest Paid Photographers of All Time: When Talent and Skill Speak – Do you know how a photo can be beautiful? Not only because of the camera, but also the talent and the skill of the photographer. No wonder that professional photographers are paid highly to produce incredible photos. Here are some highest-paid photographers who take some unextraordinary […]

Photography Tips Using Simple Smartphone

Photography Tips Using Simple Smartphone – Photography is one thing that many people love to do, even with their smartphone. Unfortunately, to capture the right moment from the right angle is not something easy. That is why many people failed to capture the moment perfectly with their smartphone. If you are one of those smartphone users who want […]

What every Beginner Photographer Shouldn’t do

What every Beginner Photographer Shouldn’t do – Typically, people will do everything when they take something seriously. People who are learning photography is not an exception. They tend to do everything reach their goal; being a professional photographer. That kind of spirit is good to be honest, but there are always things you don’t really need to do. […]

The use of Green Screen in Photography Techniques

The use of Green Screen in Photography Techniques – Those of you who are in the world of photography and videography may have heard the term green screen. Green screen technique has actually been used for a long time in the world of cinema. The purpose of using green screen is to manipulate the background of the main […]

Best DSLR Cameras for Beginner Photographers

Best DSLR Cameras for Beginner Photographers – When you decide to learn photography intensively, there will be no more confusing moment than deciding what gear you want to use in the learning process. As beginner photographers, it’s a must to have your own camera rather than depending to others. However, it doesn’t have to be sophisticated or expensive […]

Photography Tricks Using Simple Tools with Professional Results

In today’s digital era, there are many things that can be used to produce good photos. Because the most important thing about producing good photos is not the camera or equipment used, but the creativity of the photographer in utilizing the camera he has and also the objects around him. If you look around, there are actually many […]

Long Exposure Photography Tips for Beginners

Long exposure photography is a photographic technique that combines silent objects with moving objects. Coupled with using a slow shutter speed to get the movement (or trace) effect of a moving object. Generally this technique uses a slow shutter speed to be able to take and collect light on the camera for a long time. So that the […]

Profesional Photography Technique For Beginner

Photography is a field that is actually very interesting to pursue. Maybe there are still many people who mistakenly perceive that beautiful photos must be produced by sophisticated cameras or beautiful objects too. Even though in fact to produce beautiful photos needed the right technique. Most professional photographers are able to use the right moment to produce beautiful […]

Necessary Equipment for Profesional Photography

Today, everyone can be a photographer. Both those who use cellphone cameras and those who already use DSLR cameras. The features contained in the camera can help photographers to produce interesting photos. But to become a professional photographer, the camera alone is not enough. Every members can have a camera, but not necessarily everyone can become a professional […]

Famous Photographers in the World

When looking at a beautiful photo, have you ever wondered about the figure behind the photo? Behind a beautiful work of art, there must be artists who work hard to do it. Likewise with a photographic work. Since photography first appeared in the world, there have been many professional photographers whose names have become famous thanks to their […]

The Best Photography School in Europe

During this time photography has always been regarded as an ordinary hobby that can be learned on its own. Though actually, photography can also be learned at school. Even some photography schools in Europe have also emerged since long ago. Usually some art education institutions also offer short courses for several months specifically for photography. In this best […]

Several tips in choosing the right DSLR camera

The current photography trend is getting wider. In recent years, more and more people are interested in pursuing the world of photography. Both to be used as a hobby, or become a profession. Various types of cameras also appeared to meet the photography market. But if you want to hunt photos with maximum results, then of course the […]