These Spots are Hidden Gems for Your Next NYC Photography Project

These Spots are Hidden Gems for Your Next NYC Photography Project – NYC offers more than enough options when it comes to photography location. While Central Park, the Mall, and Times Square are awesome locations, you may find it touristy and boring enough now. Instead of going with mainstream locations, you should try your skill in these hidden […]

Necessary Equipment for Profesional Photography

Today, everyone can be a photographer. Both those who use cellphone cameras and those who already use DSLR cameras. The features contained in the camera can help photographers to produce interesting photos. But to become a professional photographer, the camera alone is not enough. Every members can have a camera, but not necessarily everyone can become a professional […]

Famous Photographers in the World

When looking at a beautiful photo, have you ever wondered about the figure behind the photo? Behind a beautiful work of art, there must be artists who work hard to do it. Likewise with a photographic work. Since photography first appeared in the world, there have been many professional photographers whose names have become famous thanks to their […]

Several tips in choosing the right DSLR camera

The current photography trend is getting wider. In recent years, more and more people are interested in pursuing the world of photography. Both to be used as a hobby, or become a profession. Various types of cameras also appeared to meet the photography market. But if you want to hunt photos with maximum results, then of course the […]