Famous Photographers in the World

Famous Photographers in the World

When looking at a beautiful photo, have you ever wondered about the figure behind the photo? Behind a beautiful work of art, there must be artists who work hard to do it. Likewise with a photographic work. Since photography first appeared in the world, there have been many professional photographers whose names have become famous thanks to their beautiful works.

Beautiful photos not only about the camera used, but also the skills of the photographer itself. Because without the ability of alias skills, the expensive equipment of the photographer certainly will not be of any use. The following are some of the names of famous photographers in the world that you must know.

Famous Photographer in the World whose Work is Amazing

  1. Nadav Kander
    Nadav Kander is known as a master in landscape photos. His most famous work is a portrait of former US president Barack Obama. At that time he was given the task of documenting Obama by the New York Times in 2008. His work is considered the best photo for 10 years.
  2. Richard Kalvar
    He is a master in contemporary photos. Kalvar has succeeded in elevating art that combines various elements. He once explained, that his work made people think, feel, dream, fantasize, and smile. Surely this is more than just capturing a beautiful moment, but it can also make people feel amazed and hypnotized.
  3. Richard Avedon
    Richard Avedon is one of the most famous photographers of all time. After he died, the New York Times published an obituary saying that his portrait helped determine the fashion of Americans.
  4. Pieter Hugo
    He is a young photographer from South Africa. 38-year-old Pieter Hugo can be known through unique art documentation, traditions, history and daily life of African people. Hugo gives Africans a media where they can express through photos.

Those are some of the names of famous photographers. Besides them, of course there are many more names of famous photographers who can be your role models. Every photographer that are included in this agen bola list is a talented photographer that offer revolutionary and also interesting results in the world of photography.

Which means that they can become a good role model for people who are searching for a role model in the world of photography. In the end, we hope that some of these information can become a good information especially for people who are interested in the world of photography.


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