Photography Tricks Using Simple Tools with Professional Results

Photography Tricks Using Simple Tools with Professional Results

In today’s digital era, there are many things that can be used to produce good photos. Because the most important thing about producing good photos is not the camera or equipment used, but the creativity of the photographer in utilizing the camera he has and also the objects around him. If you look around, there are actually many simple things that can be used to produce beautiful photos.

Not just beautiful, your snapshot photos can look like the results of a professional photographer. The most important thing is don’t hesitate to take advantage of your creativity. The following is a photography trick using simple equipment.

Photography Tricks by Using Simple Tools

1. Using a plastic bag
Without maximum lighting, it is impossible to produce a smooth close-up photo. But actually you can use a white plastic bag to produce a photo that is not inferior to the right photo in the studio. To use this trick, activate your flash first. After that cover some of the flash with the plastic that has been developed. The resulting photo is guaranteed to be the same as a close up photo in the studio.

2. Make effects using used CD pieces
Through the use of CDs, you can produce dramatic photo effects. You can bring up flares from the photo. To get the results of this photo flare effect, you must take photos of objects in a closed room. The trick is to put a used CD in front of the bottom of the lens. Then point the glossy CD section to the lens and then see if it fits the flare effect you want.

3. Using matches
You can also get this film burn effect. The trick is very easy, namely by lighting matches. After that set the position in such a way as in front of the lens. Aim your photo object and take a picture.

Very easy right? You don’t need to pay a lot, just use simple items around you to produce photos that are not inferior to professional photographers. Of course even though it looks easy and also simple, you also need to practice the effect and tips contemplated in this article.

Because with practice and maybe another idea you can develop a new effect and tricks that can make a beautiful new photoshoot. Finally, we hope that some of these information can prove to be useful for everyone that interested in photography.


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