The use of Green Screen in Photography Techniques

The use of Green Screen in Photography Techniques – Those of you who are in the world of photography and videography may have heard the term green screen. Green screen technique has actually been used for a long time in the world of cinema. The purpose of using green screen is to manipulate the background of the main object. By using green screen aka green screen, the photographer can manipulate the background of the photo object.

Technically, that is by removing the green background and then replacing it with an image or video through the editing process. In the world of photography, of course the green screen technique is very useful because the photographer does not need to buy a different background. Only by using green screen, the photo background can be adjusted as desired.

Techniques for Using Green Screen in the Photography World

The main purpose of using a green screen or green screen is to highlight the main object. At the same time also do blocking against the background, so that photos are easier to edit or eliminate. Before using green screen, there is the term blue screen. The reason is because editing uses a green color better in separating the background from the main object.

Neutralizing the remaining green on the edge of the object is also easier than blue. Besides being able to manipulate background images, green screen can also be used to manipulate the main object by using green screen on the main object. The techniques for using green screen in photography include the following:

1. Provides distance between objects and cameras
In the use of the green screen, the distance is given between the object and the camera to avoid reflected leakage seen on the green screen when the object’s body is being photographed by the camera.

2. The green screen must be pure green
Check the green screen that you are going to use again. We recommend using pure green that doesn’t contain anything.

3. Adjust the color of the object
This is actually very simple but cannot be forgotten. It is better to avoid using objects using green. Because it can collide with the green screen color.

4. Ensure flat texture and lighting
The flat texture and lighting will clearly make the object in the green screen neater. We recommend that you pay close attention to this subject.

Green screen is one way to make a new photoshoot looks different and unique. Additionally, with the right minds and creativity it can resulted in infinite number of possibilities and potentials which is a great addition in photography.


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