Gomma has gone a long way since its first Gomma Magazine was published in 2004. Throughout the years Gomma has been actively promoting photography and photographers, both the established and the emerging. It has given space to extraordinary talents and have been able to pick unknown artists and allow them to exhibit to a worldwide audience. Gomma has published and interviewed renowned masters such as Antoine D’Agata, Anders Petersen, Daido Moriyama, Simon Norfolk, Lise Sarfati, Roger Ballen, Trent Parke and many more. It has managed to retain an independent, uncompromised and edgy look that allows Gomma‘s Editors to keep working with the most talented international artists.
NOt for profit/ INdependent/ UNcompromising.

Gomma has throughout the years highlighted the masters and given a space to emerging talents, creating an invaluable space for photography.

Gomma Publishing ltd is the main company that incorporates Gomma Books ltd, Gomma Online and Gomma Magazine.

Gomma Books ltd specializes in high quality photography books. MONO one of its latest title has been a great success and received high praise and press coverage worldwide.

Gomma Magazine, the printed six-monthly publication, was edited in London, printed in Italy and distributed worldwide through major distribution companies and it’s now planned to go on release for ipad and androids.

The online platform Gommamag.com continues to be a valuable resource for photographers and visual artists from all over the world attracting over a million hits per month. Free membership and no additional cost for members.

A bit of history:
Gomma was formed in 2004 by four artists aspiring to create a new publishing space for photographers. After 16 months the team has grown to eight members and a string of international contributors and supporters. The website gommamag.com, initially intended to be only a presentation of the printed magazine, became a daily updated portal dedicated to photography, visual arts and design and now in its 6th edition, Gomma V6 has become an invaluable online resource for photographers and alikes.
Gomma Publishing ltd is still masterminded by its founder Luca Desienna.

In 2014 Gomma is 10 years old. We thank you for your support throughout all these years.