Photography Tips Using Simple Smartphone

Photography Tips Using Simple Smartphone

Photography Tips Using Simple Smartphone – Photography is one thing that many people love to do, even with their smartphone. Unfortunately, to capture the right moment from the right angle is not something easy. That is why many people failed to capture the moment perfectly with their smartphone. If you are one of those smartphone users who want to have the perfect photos using your smartphone, then there are some simple tips that you can surely consider. Here are some of those tips.

The first tip is to use the HDR feature from your smartphone. The HDR stands for high definition resolution. It is the kind of feature that will let your smartphone capture the moment with its best resolution. Of course, there is a resolution setting on the setting of your camera. However, the result will still be different. When you are using the HDF feature, the photo output will be very sharp. However, the duration that your phone needs to capture the moment is slightly longer. It might need around three to four seconds to capture the moment using the HDR feature.

The second tip to know your focus and exposure. These two things are becoming the keys to get the perfect photos. That is because you need to know which part of the objects that you want to focus inside your frame. For those who are using the latest smartphone, this is not a problem anymore because of the quality of the cameras. However, if your smartphone is not a high-end smartphone, then you need to set the focus on your own. As an addition to that, if your focus affects the brightness of your photo, you need to set the exposure on your own. This one is meant to get the better photo using your simple smartphone.

The last tip is to use tripod. Some people think that using tripod is something very professional. That is not true at all. Nowadays, you can even get a tripod for less than 10 dollars. It means the tripod is something totally affordable for every people. For your information, tripod is great to help you deal with the shake. As an addition to that, the tripod can help you to find the right angle that you want when you capture the moment using your smartphone. That is why, it is not a bad idea if you want to invest on the cheap tripod just to get the perfect photo of the moment.


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