Several tips in choosing the right DSLR camera

Several tips in choosing the right DSLR camera

The current photography trend is getting wider. In recent years, more and more people are interested in pursuing the world of photography. Both to be used as a hobby, or become a profession. Various types of cameras also appeared to meet the photography market.

But if you want to hunt photos with maximum results, then of course the type of DSLR camera is the most appropriate choice to use. Choosing a DSLR camera (Digital Single Lens Reflect) is certainly not arbitrary. Especially for beginners in the world of photography. You must be able to determine your own needs so that the purchase of a DSLR camera is not in vain. Here are tips on choosing a DSLR camera.

Tips in Choosing a DSLR Camera

  1. Determine needs and budget
    Of course this is the first step in choosing a DSLR camera. Choose the type of DSLR camera that really suits your needs. Don’t force yourself to buy a camera with advanced features, but you really don’t need it. Especially for beginners. Even better if you buy a camera with a budget that is not too expensive if indeed the initial goal is just to study.
  2. Sensor
    Also consider the size of the sensor that will be used to capture the image. There are many variations in size, but generally are divided into 3 categories, namely FullFrame, APS-C, and Four-Thirds.
  3. DSLR camera features
    If you plan to print photos in large sizes, then buying a camera with a large resolution can be considered. But if the photos will only be uploaded to the virtual world, then there is no need to choose a DSLR camera with a resolution that is too large. Besides the matter of camera resolution, don’t forget about ISO. ISO is related to the sensitivity of the sensor on the camera to light.
  4. Camera size and model
    The size of a DSLR camera is indeed bigger than an ordinary digital camera. But there are also some DSLR cameras that are lightweight and can be carried anywhere when traveling. The size and model of this camera also relates to your needs as a camera owner.


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