The Best Photography School in Europe

The Best Photography School in Europe

During this time photography has always been regarded as an ordinary hobby that can be learned on its own. Though actually, photography can also be learned at school. Even some photography schools in Europe have also emerged since long ago. Usually some art education institutions also offer short courses for several months specifically for photography.

In this best photography special school in Europe, students will be taught photographing techniques. Starting from the most basic to the highest. After completing education, students are already certified as professional photographers. So that you can open your own photography services. Here are some of the best photography schools in Europe.

The Best Photography School on the European Continent

  1. Roma Film Academy (Direction Photography Course)
    The Photography Direction course is a two-year program offered by Roma Film Academy. This program includes all industry and business figures associated with the photography department. In the first year, students will learn about the theory of photography, photography machines, lenses, lights, and so on. Whereas in the second year it is studied more towards professional techniques.
  2. Istituto Italiano on Fotografia (Basic Photography Summer Course)
    This course is for those who want to have skills in the field of digital photography. Both indoor and outdoor. Everything starts from the basics of photography techniques. In addition, there will also be some focus in photography. This course is conducted for 10 days in Milan, Italy.
  3. Institut dĀfEstudis Fotografics de Catalunya (Photography Mode Course)
    For those of you who are interested in pursuing the world of fashion photography, please register directly for this program. Through this program, you will get the technical knowledge and aesthetic criteria needed to produce quality fashion photos. Everything will really be discussed in detail, from theory to practice directly.

Those are some of the best photography schools in Europe and the programs offered by agen judi bola. Although learning photography can indeed be done on a self-taught basis, but studying photography more deeply through official education also doesn’t hurt. Please choose what suits your interests.


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