These Spots are Hidden Gems for Your Next NYC Photography Project

These Spots are Hidden Gems for Your Next NYC Photography Project – NYC offers more than enough options when it comes to photography location. While Central Park, the Mall, and Times Square are awesome locations, you may find it touristy and boring enough now. Instead of going with mainstream locations, you should try your skill in these hidden gems spots.

Freedom Tunnel
This tunnel was named after a famous graffiti called Chris “Freedom” Pape. It was opened back in 1930’s but it is then used not as it was supposed to. Instead of anything, this has been the home for the homeless. In this very tunnel, Freedom and many great graffiti artists start to create stunning art. This tunnel gives you incredible expose of darkness and light, which gives you drama to capture.

Snug Harbor
This place used to be the home of many senior sailors. However, this place is now managed really well, giving the ground a beauty people photograph it in special occasion. Many of the architectural remnants are significant history to remember. If you look for natural landscape in mix with human architecture in NYC, this is your game.

The High Line
If you want to capture the spirit of NYC in a more simple way without eliminating the art on your capture, this is your spot. This place is crowded with people regardless the season, and it gets a soft dimmed architecture on the background which makes this place a sight to sore eyes. While some of those people are betting online in, some other are drinking coffee, chit-chatting, doing assignments, and more.

City Hall Station
This place has been inactive since 69 years ago. The location is right beneath the City Hall, and it has been reopened back in 1945 so people can visit it. This station features tall skylights, brass fixtures, as well as arches covered in tiles. This place is now more of a showcase spot than anything, and many people visit this place to enjoy the look.
Capturing pictures on these spots will give you fresh and new pieces people will appreciate. They have all the needed elements for good photography while it isn’t mainstream at all so people will not underrated your capture just because the place is too familiar. Care to visit one of these spots very soon?


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